About ‘how to kill your dad’

A hyperactive Scottish mis-fable.

Daily threats from voices in his head are getting worse, and seem to have a family resemblance. Maxi hates the hole he lives in and who he lives with. But then comes the motivational CD, found inside a stolen car. Unable to make sense of the relentless positivity, his horizon-less plan to get out of town swells into an ambition-fuelled quest to achieve the worst No.1 Goal in the Universe.

What happens when a boy who doesn’t know right from wrong is accidentally programmed for Absolute Success?

Can the self-help guru resist the thistle of self-hate? Can a boy and his dad learn love before hands that heal unleash a hell on Earth?

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What beta readers are saying about this contemporary novel set in Scotland:

    • ‘Overwhelming.’
    • ‘Brain****!’
    • ‘Super-vivid and transportative.’
    • ‘Hamlet meets Trainspotting meets Tony Robbins. Unmissable.’
    • ‘Coen-esque craziness.’
    • ‘The rhythm of the prose is a stunning life-jacket for the sinking brutality and tragedy of the story.’
    • ‘Relentless rudeness – read aloud!’
    • The characters are beautiful idiots needing hugged and punched at the same time.

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