Do you have a death-list, a playlist of music or songs to listen to while you die?

I think my choice would be mostly classical for one big reason – to help me stay in the moment, to be in the last moments of life, and to feel dying approach and take me. If I chose my favourite songs, I’m pretty sure I’d be nostalgic, leave the moment and go back to the points of my life where the songs first took root and became so important.

I’m not talking about planning my death or ending my life early. If you are, please please stop now and get help. You don’t need to, and probably shouldn’t. Honestly.

I’m talking about the vague hope that I live to be an old man, and die in bed with some sort of knowledge or warning of it.

My first choice is a bit of a trick – Max Richter’s ‘Sleep’.  Apart from its beauty, it lasts for 8-hours, so hopefully, I’ll encourage myself to live for a bit longer to listen to it right through! It’s slow, repetitive, full of space, and a reflective, emotional sledge-hammer. Listen and breathe here.

I bought the entire download after listening to its broadcast overnight on Radio 3 a couple of years back. I listen to it weekly. It doesn’t remind me of anything, but it does somehow open up the full feeling power of a moment of life. Do you agree or disagree?

Maybe I like the fact it takes so long to make its point. It took me 10 years to write this debut novel a hyperactive, father & son ultra tragedy for lovers of Irvine Welsh, John Niven, Hamlet and Lord of the Flies.  So perhaps I feel an affinity for that reason.

Get in touch and let me know the last music you’d like to listen to.  A strange request, perhaps, but it came out of my journalling, so I’m trying to get into the habit of sharing thoughts and ideas as they come.

Again, please stay alive, live long, read lots and write even more. Nice talking to you, thanks for listening.