Tried every writing tip out there? Now try bread…

Trying to finish the book or story or edit or draft? Time slipping around and falling off your plate like eating jelly with an oiled-up fork? Want to put the hours in but motivation dropping at midnight when you think of tomorrow morning and work and kids and on it goes?  Done it all? Seen it all? Still not finished? So try bread.

Don’t commit to staying up till dawn to write. Just commit to baking a loaf and write while you’re waiting for the dough to rise. You see the catch? You can’t begin bread and give up – you’ve got to see it through. You’ll have to wait for it to rise – an hour or two at least – bingo, there’s your writing time.

The only rule for this tip to work (okay, there are probably others, you can find them yourself and share them please) is a simple one – DON’T START THE BREAD TILL AFTER TEN AT NIGHT. Repeat – Don’t do anything bready till after 10pm. See the evening through with family or work, then go! Go completely bread.

Why bread?

  • It’s stupidly easy and quick at the start and end, which means you can set it to rise and get on with writing until nature’s done it’s magic with the yeast.  Here’s tonight’s dough perched on the piano. breadblog.jpgThe recipe came from  bakerbettie – thanks!
  • It’s practically a metaphor for so much of our daily lives, (Lord’s Prayer, anyone?) and if you can cook a metaphor, that’s got to be good for your writing. Your story will have plenty of time to rise and double in size, and on it goes – please tweet me your favourite bread metaphors/cliches etc.
  • You HAVE to wait for the dough to rise. You can’t half start it and fall asleep, or it’s ruined.
  • Easy 2 hours writing time won. I’m chipping at the last twenty chapters of the 11th edit of a noir-vel
  • Guilt free – ‘Writing again? No darling, I’m baking for everyone.’
  • You eat.
  • It is not procrastination – apart from starting the thing, it cooks itself; you just need to be there. It’s the domestic equivalent of being on a train or flight, when all you have is writing time.

So go writers, go bake yourself a story. A  tip so tasty it can triple your typing!