kindle kindle kindle how i love you

How you rock my world. Have written two books for kindle without ever owning one. Until today. Plunge took because editing using the previewer was hurting my eyes and slowing me down, like reading in mud. emailed the .mobi file to the device and what a difference. No eye strain, editing back up to a speed that matches

  • a) the amount of coffee I’ve drunk,
  • b) the tempo of the underworld tracks I’m listening to,
  • c) the unbelievable excitement speeding through my heart and head that this is for real, this book and these characters are going to be a part of  other people’s lives, and
  • d) the buzz of actually seeing how it looks on the kindle page.

Pinned to the passion of the  idea that readers  change the world because of the books they read, and writers change the world with the books they write. Life partners that matter.

And in this little kindle – smaller than I thought it would be, but I’m already used to it and appreciate the handiness of it all – I know the writer and the reader in me have a new life partner that matters.

How is it for you? Who are the life-partners that matter to you?



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