What music did you listen to while writing your book?

What goes into a novel? In the nine or so years it’s taken to get to finishing the novel this page lives for, a lot of coffee and wine has been mixed with the ink. You too, huh?

But what about the music? Did you write in silence? Was it random radio, or deliberate choice? Did it change depending on the scene?

I feel I’ve consumed more than a life-time of music while writing just one novel. Some of it deliberate, some of it deliberately unknown and new to push me to a new place on the page.

To say thank you to the music,  I’m going to share some of it here in case it can find a new audience, and hopefully inspire more characters, more scenes, more books.

Basinski. From a side bar on a John Cage page. For the last six months of editing, from scene cuts down to commas with wrong spaces around them, I fell under the spell of two pieces, disintegration loop1 (with footage from the sky back on 9/11 on video) and  basinski – cascade I found them perfect to focus on finding the errors in the book, because they just repeat melancholic/hypnotic loops for ages, almost turning editing into m-edit-ating. Losing hours at the desk finding errors in the text. Owe a massive debt to this incredible composer/arranger.

More words on more music in future blogs. If you like the idea, keep coming back to see what else got inside my head while I was helping get the characters and story out of my head.  Hope you manage to listen to the tracks above.

What about you? What music was there with you keeping you and your characters alive? Please share and let’s get the writer’s music choice conversation trending. Please leave comments below.


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